Design Ignites Change Team 4: 1OAK


The designers: Priscilla Guimarais (Fashion), Kumiko Haruyama (Fashion), Nui Tanapornwattana (Fashion/ Textiles), Audrey Wang (Fashion) and Tramaine (Fashion).

The inspiration: Microscopic patterns in nature, reconstruction.

The business model: 1Oak (One Of A Kind) transforms discarded hospital scrubs into dresses while utilizing local pleating and finishing. 1Oak is founded on the principles of timelessness, sustainability, and innovation.

Sponsorship/ Donation: Kaiser Permanente facilitated the donation but the donation was from Landau Uniforms.

The look: Sophisticated scrubs with social flair.

The philosophy: We have designed our dress collection based on the principles of timelessness, sustainability and innovation. Our goal was to design a collection that is timeless, relevant and modern using innovative processes and practices that ensure sustainability from inception to completion.

1Oak(1 Of A Kind) has discovered a unique niche in transforming discarded hospital scrubs into dresses that are as exquisite as they are sustainable. We approached local hospitals and clinics, and got them to donate hospital scrubs that would otherwise be discarded. In order to realize the transformation, we worked with a local dye house, print house, textile company, a pleating company and GOTS certified dye house, all of whom are committed to incorporating sustainable practices in their business approach. Along with valuable advice from our mentors, we gained most of our knowledge on sustainability through sourcing and speaking with those that are already in business.

As far as our design philosophy goes, we kept it simple with the attitude of “less is more”, striving for the classic and minimalism look. This was our way of expressing “slow fashion”, which translates to longevity. We focused on finer details and craftsmanship, rather than trendy factors. We created dresses that one can wear season after season without feeling outdated.

This has been an inspiring assignment for all of us. Just in a matter of a couple of months, we have evolved from being just a fashion forward consumer to being able to understand, appreciate and execute “sustainable/slow fashion”.