Beyond the Front Row lights up the ‘Skye’


Photo credit : Picky Studio

Flashing lights and grandeur enveloped the stage last Thursday night at the Beyond the Front Row and Picky Studios fashion show at Ruby Skye. The fashion show was electrifying, as the ambience itself, and it manifested backstage as the collected members of BTFR worked together to execute a flawless event. The clothes represented by Picky Studio bustled with energy as flashes from nearby cameras gleamed the eccentric city-life prints personified by each garment. The night fulfilled its promises of fun, dancing, and fashion. The only debatable question now is, “How is BTFR going to top this event?”

Standby and you’ll find out at our G2T1 (Give 2 Take 1) event coming up in April.

Written by: Daniel Dinh