Has Guess Ripped Off Rodarte?

Considering we’ve blogged about Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act before (by the way, what is the progress of that?) we thought that this bit of news would be interesting: Guess has produced a VERY similar dress that Rodarte designed for Target — and they are charging a boatload of a lot more!


On one end of the spectrum we have Rodarte for Target’s dress (left) which sells for $15.74. On the other end, there’s the one produced by Guess by Marciano which is called the “Blair Vintage Dress” (right) which sells for (drum roll please) $168.

These dresses are basically the same exact thing — right? What do you think of this whole situation? Do you think Guess was a copycat? Or do you think the dresses are different and people shouldn’t make a big deal about it?

Let us know your thoughts!

[Source: Fashionista]