Annie’s Social Diary: On ‘Needles and Pens’

When a store is named after a Ramones song, you know your are in for something great. I am referring to Needles and Pens located on 3253 16th Street in San Francisco.


Okay, okay — it is “pens” and not “pins,” but there is no better embodiment of the punk do-it-yourself motto than here.

Needles and Pens, founded by Andrew Scott and Breezy Culbertson in October 2002, sells handmade zines, custom made jewelry & clothes, and DIY goodies all made by San Franciscans and sold at surprisingly affordable prices. Once a month they host a group art and music exhibition featuring the local artists that they display in their gallery space. If you’re looking for a feelgood purchase (almost everything inside is recycled, re-used or handmade) that is truly original and local, “Danny Says” look no further than Needles and Pens! (That last line was another Ramones reference in case you didn’t get it)

Written by: Annie Wehby

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