Andrea Meza & Krithika Sengottaiyan – Senior Thesis Project 2021

Andrea Meza

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

I was born in Mexico but raised in San Francisco. Fashion always interested me, even from a young age. I saw clothes as a way to express myself to the world. Now I see fashion as a way to show awareness and communicating global issues.

My collection is called El Baile de las Gardenias (The Dance of the Gardenias). I mostly grab influence from Mexico’s traditional dance, baile Folklorico, and Frida Kahlo because they things hold the representation of the Mexican culture. I also based the collection on myself. Being a Mexican immigrant, I had to deal with learning a new language and getting adjusted to a new way of living. Due to this, I was bullied for most of elementary school and it led to me hating being Mexican. I refused to speak Spanish or follow any Mexican traditions for most of my childhood. As I started to get older, I came to terms with accepting my culture and ethnicity because it is part of who I am, and that’s something I can never get rid of. Now I love who I am, and I can say that I can relate to Frida Kahlo, as we both had to learn how to accept ourselves, and we both sharing it through our art.

My collection is unique because I used the movement of dance and how the clothes reacted to it to recreate a silhouette. I also was able to work with my textiles partner to recreate an interpretation of Frida Kahlo’s art with our own unique twist to it. In most of my garments, I used organic cotton.

Krithika Sengottaiyan

Major: BFA Textile Design

Hometown: Chennai, India

I’m an international student who came to School of Fashion for fashion design and later discovered textile design and fell completely in love with the course.

Our collection is a big infusion of cultures and colors. Personally, there was so much research and drawing involved. It really took me a while to get the colors right.

The blend of design and textiles with rich colors really makes our collection stand out. The story of Frida Kahlo and my interpretation of it make the collection truly unique.

Videographer: Broke Panian
Stylist: Chelsea Keaton