Alumni Update: Pinar Badur

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Photo of Pinar Badur

Pinar Badur, 2007 MFA Fashion Merchandising, now has her own company, Gazel. Gazel is a family run company that sells handmade, unique gifts. Pinar Badur’s passion has always been jewelry and she has turned this passion into a reality by selling handmade jewelry and accessories. Among other places, Pinar’s unique, one-of-a-kind pieces can be found at the School of Fashion’s retail store, SHOP657. Pinar Badur tells Fashion School Daily about what’s next for her and her company and chats about the biggest challenges she has faced as a jewelry designer.

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Pinar Badur’s Jewelry

Tess Collins: What was your favorite memory or piece of advice from Academy of Art University?

Pinar Badur: Know your target market and know your numbers!

TC: What was it like for you to enter the work world after graduation?

PB: Since I was an international student, it was very hard for me to find a company that would agree to sponsor me. I worked as long as my visa allowed me to.

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Pinar Badur’s Jewelry

TC: How did you get your brand off the ground?

PB: My first attempt with Gazel was in 2010. We originally started as an organic bath product company and built a reputation in our field as well as in the organic world. However my passion has always been jewelry, so I decided to follow my dream and turn Gazel into a handmade jewelry and accessories company. I started my new journey last Christmas. I’ve been in jewelry business officially for a year now and I love it!

TC:What are the biggest challenges you faced?

PB: The jewelry market is very saturated. The biggest challenge I have faced has been trying to break in and get noticed. One specific challenge that I have had is I thought that when I took products as consignment to the boutiques they would all jump on the offer. However that definitely has not been the case. It took a lot of emailing and calling to get one single boutique to bring in the products.

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Pinar Badur’s Jewelry

TC: When did you feel like you had made it? Have you felt that way yet?

PB: I don’t feel that way yet. My business is still very young and there are still a lot of areas for me to discover.

TC: What’s next for you?

PB: My next step is exhibiting at a trade show. I’ve recently applied for NY Now. If we can get into this show, I’m confident that it will open new doors for my company.

TC: Where else are your products available for purchase?

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Pinar Badur’s Jewelry

PB: In San Francisco, We are selling in My Roommate’s Closet, Picnic, Storenvy, Covet Union, Covet Sunset, William the Bee and of course SHOP657!

Be sure to check out Pinar Badur’s one of a kind jewelry at SHOP657!

By Tess Collins