Alumni Update: Danny Roberts


Former Academy of Art University student Danny Roberts is a rising star in the fashion industry, making a name for himself as a fashion illustrator and one to watch in the art world. His illustrations have been featured on advertising campaigns, t-shirts, and a number of blogs, as well as on his website Igor and André. We took up a moment to to chat with Danny about his start as an artist and what his next projects will be!

When did you first start creating illustrations?
I first started when I took a Fashion Illustration class at the Academy of Art University back in 2006.

What inspired you to start illustrating famous faces in the fashion world?
Well, I don’t know if I ever focused specifically on famous faces. I actually started off drawing Gemma Ward and Lily Cole for practice as they were always my favorite models. As time went on I started drawing some of my friends who I met through blogging. Really, I just draw things that I like.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion illustrators?
Oh, I would say be true to yourself and enjoy every moment of learning. Also, let art inspire you. I think starting out, it can be hard to stay true to yourself, and it’s easy to look at something you like and copy it. But I would say, the key to staying unique is to be yourself, because we all are made differently, which means if I stay true to myself, I will be unique.

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What is your favorite thing about doing collaborations?
My favorite thing would be the fact that you can multiply skill levels in that all the collaborators have different skill sets and in a true collaboration all parties skills can be used to the fullest.

What are you working on next?
Well, as of now I am working on a fantasy book with my brother David as well as a music album with my friend Tim.

We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on Danny as he continues to create amazing work!

Danny was featured on Thread NY, calling him a “creative phenom”. You can read the article here.

Here are a few of Danny’s illustrations, which you can buy on Etsy.