2015 Graduation Fashion Show Designers: Cherng-Hann Lee

Cherng-Hann Lee, photo by Rob Curry.
Cherng-Hann Lee, photo by Rob Curry.

BFA Fashion Design student Cherng-Hann Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Lee was the 2012 winner of a $5,000 CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund scholarship.


Ben Lee Chernghann illustrated lineupLee’s 2015 graduation collection is inspired by Medieval suit of arms, and is made of fabrics ranging from lace to wool, embossed corduroy to cotton to create looks that give his garments both “an elegant and masculine feeling.”

041515_38Lee isn’t afraid to push the sartorial buttons of masculinity either, designing pieces like a blue velvet top paired with a lace-patterned gray wool pant and managing to make it look as laissez faire and modernly machismo as a leather biker jacket.


Photo by Bob Toy.
Photo by Bob Toy.

Ignoring the cost, what item of clothing / bag / designer piece would you buy right now?

Cherng-Hann Lee: I want to buy a Dior shirt, and an Orphan Bird coat I think, but I want to make garments for myself.


What is your greatest style regret?

CHL: Big and loose hip-hop wear.


What is your style motto?

CHL: Don’t just wear clothes, wear your attitude.


By: Malcolm Thomas