Viv & Ingrid + “Friends With Kids”

Viv & Ingrid Jewelry featured in Friends With Kids. L-R: Gold & Purple Jade Small Belle Earrings (worn by Jennifer Westfeldt), Gold & Purple Jade Bijoux Necklace (also worn by Jennifer Westfeldt), and Gold Feather Double Hoops (worn by Kristen Wiig).

We love going to the movies . If you see the new film Friends with Kids, starring Adam Scott, Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, and Maya Rudolph – be sure to take a closer look at the jewelry worn by the film’s leading ladies – it’s Viv & Ingrid! Viv & Ingrid is a Bay-Area based jewelry line started by 1999 M.F.A. Fashion Merchandising graduate Ingrid Chen and her friend and collaborator Vivian Wang.

In celebration of this, if you bring your Friends with Kids ticket stub to Viv & Ingrid at Oxford Hall – you can receive 20% off all of their amazing jewelry! Your ticket stub also gets you a raffle ticket, entering you to win one of the signature pieces featured in the movie. The promotion runs until April 7th, so get yourself to a theater and then over to Oxford Hall ASAP!

Source: SF Gate