Viktoriya Plesha – Senior Thesis Project 2021

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Hometown: Vladivostok, Russia

Marilyn Monroe is a rebel and a person who fought hard for her rights. She is one of the biggest inspirations for me. Some people remember her as a pin-up girl, however, Marilyn and her seminude photos challenged social norms of her time. Her legacy is the freedom of choice we have now; because of her, a number of artists started rethinking the concept of a woman: a woman is not a housekeeper. She is a sexy, beautiful individual who does what she wants. She is a revolutionary.

Pablo Picasso is a revolutionary; an innovator who created the most important and complex artworks of the 20th century. The founder of cubism attracts me because of the defined lines and shapes he painted over his career. Picasso’s works have such deep meaning and he inspires me to create designs with purpose.

Being inspired by these incredible personalities, I want every woman to know that they are wonderful! They are sexy! They are smart! They are fearless! They are fierce! They are elegant! Even though Marilyn Monroe and Picasso are so different, they have so much in common. They, unlike others at the time, believed in the power and strength of women. I want my designs to continue their mission of helping millions of women understand that they are amazing. I want to show that women who wear my designs should not be afraid of or hesitate about their decisions, thoughts, or body. 

Videographer and Photographer: Maria Morfeeva
Hair and Makeup: Elena Moiseieva
Models: Elena Moiseieva, Alona Oneill