Top 10 signs that you are a skater


1.) The back of all your boxers are shredded from sitting on grip tape.

2.) You go to a taqueria and it takes five of you to buy one burrito.

3.) You consider showering optional.

4.) You consider your black Vans as formal footwear.

5.) You feel oppressed, but you’re from Glen Park.

6.) You claim to be an artist, but your work is shown exclusively on the No. 14 bus.

7.) You wear tight (really tight) skinny jeans below your butt, despite wearing a belt.

8.) You consider Doritos and Arizona Ice Tea part of the basic food groups.

9.) Your girlfriend always pays for lunch and dinner because you refuse to work for the man.

10.) You get a cup of water everywhere you can, not because you’re healthy, but because it’s free.

Written by: Ana Cepeda