The World According to Harry: The Sweet Smell of Success

Scent is a personal thing. People change outfits everyday, but we tend to stay with the same fragrance and make it our signature scent.

Celebrities are “creating” fragrances to get some easy money when they’re not in the mood for a real job — but do people actually wear celebrity fragrances?
To answer my own question: yes. Stardom sells a lot of perfume to the public.

We all know these celebs don’t actually design the scent, but I wonder if these stars pick the name — or at least if they lend a hand on picking the name; like when Coco Chanel picked the vial No. 5.

I thought about this when reading this headline on The Cut Blog: Naomi Campbell Sued for Not Launching ‘Cat Deluxe With Kisses’ Perfume. I still cannot get over that name: “Cat Deluxe.” It would have been quite a name by itself, but they felt the need to add “With Kisses.” Isn’t that name too long?

Then there is the candy-coated scents of Mariah Carey. She and Elizabeth Arden (the company that holds her fragrance license) partnered with Bazooka Candy Brands to launch “Lollipop Bling,” a collection of “three irresistible flavor inspired fragrances”:


Bazooka is also the company behind Ring Pops — which is suitable. Mariah said in a statement, “the inspiration for ‘Lollipop Bling’ was Nick’s (Cannon) marriage proposal to me. He first surprised me with a Ring Pop.”

Tilda Swinton also launched her own fragrance with French fragrance brand Etat Libre d’Orange. It’s called Like This The name is quite intriguing.

“So I started to think about my home smells, and the principal ingredients became ginger, baby carrot, pumpkin,” explained Swinton in a statement. “I’m a November child — a pumpkin child — so this whole idea of orange is there.” Before that, she explained she said the following: “I don’t really know about fragrance and I don’t really care about fragrance.


Would you wear a perfume that smells like pumpkin, ginger, and is designed by someone who doesn’t really care about fragrance? Or would you rather wear “Cat Deluxe with Kisses” or “Lollipop Bling?”

What are your thoughts?

Written by: Harry Go

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