The Model Life of Erin: Workin’ on My Fitness

This week has been rather quiet for me. I’ve been getting a start on my final project for my Trend Forecasting class – I’m in the process of creating an “ultimate accessory.” May will be here before you know it, so I have to start buying materials and putting this product together!

On the modeling front, there has been some excessive down time with bookings in San Francisco. However, the open schedule has left a lot of room to get some extra workouts in. Fitness is a big part of my life. I try my best to work out four times a week and keep challenging my body with running, lifting and plyometrics. It’s part of the job and it always turns my day around for the best.


I talked to my New York agent about my shoot in Los Angeles; she really thinks that my new photos will end up in this fashion magazine called Iconography. I checked it out and I’m very excited. We also talked about repackaging me in a few months for clients in New York. Hopefully, I get to show you some images soon!

Written by: Erin Leeper

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