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The Academy loves hearing about the success of its alumni and supporting their work. This week we’re happy to welcome designer Staci Snider for a homecoming by the Bay. Her MFA Fashion Design collection was selected to be presented at the very first Academy of Art University New York Fashion Week showcase in September 2005. Since then she has launched her label in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

On January 18-19, 2017, Snider is participating in the Emerging Designer Selling Event at the landmark LUMINA development on the corner of Main & Folsom. Check it out, especially, as part of the proceeds will benefit vital child literacy programs at the Always Dream Foundation. As a creative credo, Snider believes that “at its best, fashion enables a very personal expression of individuality — without it, we’re left with conformity, which in my eyes is the demise of fashion and society.” High fashion with a higher purpose. We couldn’t agree more or be prouder.

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