San Francisco Fashion Show April 2007 Fashion and Jewelry Collaborative Project

Photos by Randy Brooke.

For the fourth year in a row, students from the School of Fashion and the School of Fine Art Sculpture have worked together creating a jewelry segment for the San Francisco graduation fashion show. Last year this collection was also featured in the Macy’s Passport Fundraising Extravaganza fashion show in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Macy’s Passport has raised nearly $22 million for HIV/AIDS research, care, prevntion and education programs.

This collaborative endeavor is between BFA sculpture, metalsmithing, jewelry design and MFA fashion design students.

Stephan Krasner, BFA Fine Art Sculpture, and Warot Subsrisunjai, MFA Fashion Design, collaborated on a dress with jewelry that illuminated from under the fabric.

David P. Sekoll, BFA Fine Art Sculpture, and Anne Jones, MFA Fashion Design, collaborated on a look that showcased David’s aluminum sculpture, which focused on balance and harmony through symmetry and repetition of form.

Kelsey Simmen, BFA Fine Art Sculpture, and Johanna Hatzenbuehler, MFA Fashion Design, collaborated on a simple look with Kelsey’s “sea bean” necklace. Kelsey found her “sea bean” pods washed up on the beaches of Haiti.

Melissa Christensen, BFA Fine Art Sculpture, and Daniel Emir Armosilla, MFA Fashion & Knitwear Design, worked together on two looks. Sculptor Melissa Christensen manipulated metal with hammering and hand bending to look like flowing fabric.

Basia Sienko, BFA Fine Art Sculpture, and Jaime Cole, MFA Fashion & Textile Design, used found objects such as skeleton keys, glass, leather and cork for their creation inspired by the romance of the sea.

BFA Accessory Design student Rachel Arends created what she calls “restrictive body sculpture” having spent most of her life in a back brace from scoliosis. After extensive surgery, she was left with two titanium rods in her back and having to learn to walk again. Two of her designs were showcased in a collaboration with MFA Fashion Designers, Desiree Daniels and Aurelie Martin-Chiari.