San Francisco Fashion Show April 2007 BFA Menswear Designer Kenneth Ning

Photos by Randy Brooke.

BFA Menswear Designer Kenneth Ning created a collection inspired by the modern soccer thug. The collection is a mix of sports and leisure for a lifestyle that is carefree and all about the World Champion Italian Soccer Team, Forza Azzurri. Kenneth used the build of a well-trained soccer player for his body shapes and the cunning attitude of the player comes through his collection. The colors are loud for the rowdy fan who causes a ruckus after the game, win or lose. The leather is shiny like a patent-leather soccer ball. Coated fabrics are incorporated to repel the harshness of the environment that this soccer thug is drawn to. Kenneth is from Oakland, California. MFA Fashion and Knitwear Designer Daniel Emir Armosilla created the knitwear for Kenneth’s collection.