Qing Shu

Degree: MFA Fashion Design
Contact: LinkedIn | Email | Website
Graduation Year: 2023

I am Qing, and I am pursuing a master’s degree in Fashion Design at AAU. My passion for fashion and art led me to this field. I completed my undergraduate degree in Art Design, which laid the foundation for my understanding of the principles of design and the importance of visual communication. During my time in art school, I gained drawing, draping textile design, and construction skills.

This thesis design project was a successful collaboration between myself and Yu Hsuen, where we leveraged our respective strengths to achieve a better outcome. Our concept is the humans living in harmony with nature. Inspired by nature’s shapes and textures. We have been experimenting with incorporating leaves and petals onto our designs to capture the feeling of nature winding around the human body. We also explore flower arrangements to inspire the shapes of our garments. Through experimenting with fabric textures and draping techniques on mannequins, we have created silhouettes with bionic shapes and pleats that represent our observations of the natural world, including butterfly shapes, leaf patterns, and flower shapes.

Our aim is to convey the message that humans should live in harmony with nature. Our inspiration comes from the sentence, “Nature is more powerful than human beings and more tolerant, with a giving heart that accepts human greed and desire,” which is the theme we want to convey.