Picture This by GPP: Beards

La Barbe, from the Latin Barba, is a beard in English.

In the 15th Century, King Edward IV of France was also king of England. He tried to impose a tax on beards and nearly lost both crowns.


Later, King Henri III of France (1551-1553) banned beards. His brother Henri IV (1553-1610) permitted them.


Luciano Pavarotti

Earlier, in the Fourteenth Century a barbe (no, not a Barbie doll) was a linen ‘beard’. Only a queen’s barbe was permitted to cover her chin; a baroness’s barbe had to remain below her chin.


You may have noticed, beards are back, mostly on men.


Yohji Yamamoto


Spike Lee

I must admit, I am a bit bored with beards.

Here are a few suggestions to liven up facial hair:

Another suggestion: a sharp razor.

Written by: Gladys Perint Palmer

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