Picture this by GPP

Welcome to all new and returning students, on site and online, at the School of Fashion of the Academy of Art University.

I wish you a wonderful Summer Semester.

Please take a few minutes to look at, and listen to this video.

Van gogh

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“Starry Starry Night” was the hit song when I graduated from St. Martin’s School of Art (as it was known then). It brings back memories of a hot London summer when we all set forth to conquer the world –- as you will, some sooner, some later.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the greatest painters. Alas, he did not know it then and died before he was recognized.

Today, he would have been on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and might have found a following overnight… he might have been happier but would have had less time to work. He might never have got around to painting Starry Night?

Written by: Gladys Perint Palmer

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