On Online: Meet Nikki Barber

Every week, we will be featuring one of our many, many, many online students from around the world. This week we are putting the Fashion School Daily spotlight on BFA Fashion Design student Nikki Barber from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


She is a chocolate lover, Bath and Body Works sales associate and in a band (cool, huh?). She took some time out of her schedule to answer our On Online questionnaire:

List three of your heroes in history:
Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Kurt Vonnegut

List three of your heroes today:
Alison Mosshart, Johnathan Safran Foer, Neil Young

List three of your favorite designers:
Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Cristobal Balenciaga — but this is an ever-changing list.

Name one of your guilty pleasures.
Dove chocolate. I just can’t say no!

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to tour with my band, The Static Trees. I love getting in front of people and putting on a show — so anything that allows me to do that would be great.

What is the most embarrassing item in your closet?
I’ve got some old dance costumes in there that are pretty embarrassing. They remind me of my childhood though, so I’ll probably never throw them out.

What is your must have item?
A killer pair of boots.

Where have you found inspiration lately?
The changing of the seasons has been a big inspiration to me. Where I live, the leaves are so vibrant this time of year! I’ve also been getting a lot of inspiration from The Dead Weather’s ad campaign. The designs are so hauntingly beautiful.

What is your most valued possession?
My camera. I take it everywhere I go because you never know when or where inspiration will strike.

What is playing on your iPod?
Beck, The Kills, The Beatles, Vietnam, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre

List a person (dead or alive) whom you would like to have coffee with:
Kurt Vonnegut. I think he could teach me a thing or two about life and how to keep your head on your shoulders, plus he’s so hilarious!

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