Jianhui Deng & Patric Wang – Senior Thesis Project 2021

Jianhui Deng

Major: BFA Fashion Design

For my senior thesis collection, I was inspired by the 18th-century Rococo style. Rococo is characterized by soft colors and curvy lines and depicts scenes of love, nature, amorous encounters, light-hearted entertainment, and youth. I used lustrous fabric – such as brocade and satin, and organza – and bright colors to get the sense of luxury and playfulness. The silhouettes are feminine on the body while asymmetry makes each look a playful touch.

Patric Wang

Major: BFA Costume Design

Hometown: Jilin, China

When Jianhui told me her inspiration was Marie Antoinette and Rococo, I immediately know I wanted to create fascinators that have the iconic silhouettes of Rococo wigs. I began by using millinery wire to build the wireframe. As Marie Antoinette famously said, “Let them eat cake,” I included doily decorations that are commonly used on pastries and cakes. The wireframes not only provide support for the silhouette but also hold a sense of delicate beauty.

Stylist/Creative Producer: Tiffany Lau @styledby_tl
Fashion Designers: Angela Deng @angela_dengg, Patrick Wang @patric_wang13
Photographer: Nicole Anthony @nicoleanthonyphoto
Makeup/Hair Artist: Mia Odeal @hellamakeupbymia
Models: Alex Consani @alexconsani, Fiona Parks @fionaparkss