Happy Happy Happy Happy New Year

A special New Years post from Gladys Perint Palmer

Joan Juliet Buck was Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue when Princess Diana died. Tina Brown – then at the New Yorker — assigned her a fashion story about Diana; and I was asked to illustrate. Joan was in Paris, I was in San Rafael. We were on the phone for hours — during which time the world was moaning and wailing and leaving fields of flowers — discussing choker necklaces, pie-crust collars, Dior handbags, the wedding dress and more.

At one point Joan said, “Gladys, I’m on my knees with this story….”. Finally we finished. Her piece was long and I submitted a lot of drawings. Then Mother Theresa died. The story was cut to the bone and Tina ran one drawing.
Joan and I are still friends (google her and you will discover a VIP: Very Interesting Person)

This is the card she sent for 2011.