Get Paid to be a Hipster


Love it or hate it, the urban creature known as the hipster is among us. Some relate to this PBR-guzzling/skinny jean wearing demographic, but others despise it. In fact, some people refuse to believe they exist or that they are part of the hipster culture.

A new San Francisco-based start-up is about to make everyone want to be a hipster.

Appropriately called Hipster, the website irreverently plays with the concept of a hipster and uses it as their “brand image.” The site allows people to post questions and answers to other like-minded people in their area via the web and on their mobile phone. The site essentially is a source for people to find out about the coolest spots before they become popular.

And in an effort to keep up with the “hipster” name, the site is offering $10,000, a year supply of beer, a fixed-gear bike, a pair of oversized glasses, skinny jeans, a bowtie, mustache-grooming services and a pair of boots — all for just referring or applying to a job at the site.

It’s an interesting combination of smart, targeted marketing and a clever way to incorporate the world of young lifestyle-meets-dot.coms Does this sound like you? Then perhaps you should apply to be a Hipster.