Fashion School News Music Update: Gwen Stefani Concert

November 2nd, 2007 – Oakland, CA – As the clock neared 7:30pm this past Friday, the Oracle Arena beamed with cheer and excitement as Gwen Stefani began her 99th show on her 100 The Sweet Escape show tour. After a brief performance by opening act Sean Kingston, Stefani finally emerged on stage, looking as stylish as ever. The backdrop continuously flowed throughout the entire production, with the band blending in perfectly. Stefani, along with her entourage of dancers (including her four Harajuku girls), charmed the audience by making them feel a part of the show. A sense of family was exhibited by all of the performers, with a slide show montage of Stefani’s life accompanying one of her ballads. There were approximately three major costume changes, one being a sporty midriff-baring number. The other two ranged from 1920s to 1940s inspired bathing beauties. High waisted bottoms showing off lots of leg, in hues of black and white colored tights, with layers of structured top pieces. Texture was definitely an element in all of her outfits. Spurts of break dancing from the male dancers mixed in an old school NYC appeal, while the presence of the Harajuku girls introduced Japanese fashion. Gwen Stefani’s way of diversifying traditional fashion and music definitely put a fresh spin on the conventional trends of America.

– Posted by Emily Dvoskin