DIY Time With Philip: The Last Table Top

I needed a table to put my sewing machine on, however the space in my room is limited so the table had to be pretty small — small enough to fit in the bottom of my closet. The table will also occasionally serve as a lap desk, coffee/end table, or cutting board — the point being it’s versatile. What more could you ask for in a tiny table?

To make your own you’ll need (photo 1):

– wood plank, I used a bookshelf, about 1’x3′
– 4 unfinished wood furniture legs
– 4 furniture leg brackets
– wood varnish
– paint brush
– drill
– screwdriver
– pencil
– various fabrics and papers
– foil tape
– box blade
– casting resin and catalyst
– scissors
– cutting mat

Begin by finishing the legs by applying varnish — and remember to always move the brush with the grain of the wood (photo 2). Let dry before touching them.

Next, mark the position of the four leg brackets so that the weight of the table is evenly distributed between the legs. Mark the bracket holes on the back of the table top. Pre-drill the holes, then attach the brackets with the screws. Attach the leg to the bracket (photo 3). Turn the table right side up to make sure it is level. Now begin cutting your papers and fabrics to create a scene, graphic, pattern, or collage (photo 4).

Finally, line the edge of the table top with foil tape, creating a rim around the top of the table. Mix the casting resin and catalyst per the instructions (and always in a well ventilated area). Pour the resin over the collage until the fabrics and papers are entirely submerged in resin (photo 5). Allow several days to dry. Remove surface bubbles by blowing on them.

After letting the resin set, set a glass of ice water on your brand new table and enjoy not needing coasters.

Written by: Philip Washington

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