Design Ignites Change Team 2: HWTT


The designers: Regina Pirrie (Fashion), Stephanie Gelot(Fashion), Maria Korovilas (Fashion), Erin Rea (Fashion) and
Minha Yoon (Fashion)

The inspiration: Consumption, bottles, children’s drawings and modular playsets.

The business model: Slow fashion by subscription. Members have access to limited edition, commissioned detachable pieces by guest artists; the proceeds of which will benefit sustainable education awareness programs around the world.

Sponsorship donation: Vermont Organic Fiber Company (fabric), Harmony Art (fabric), Green Mountain Spinnery (yarn), Patagonia (fabric for toiling), Yuan Tian

The look: Playful and sustainable – “playstainable”

The philosophy: Our collection is not only sustainable in process but also in concept. We are founded on the basis of slow fashion- classic base silhouettes made with only the best materials and utmost design consideration. Magnets have been introduced into the seams so that our dear followers can get their trend fix every season with a new detachable component, be it sleeve, hem, neck piece, etc and simply adding it to their base piece. In doing so, we invite our customers to subscribe to our collection and keep their base piece to be forever updated, as classics never go out of style. Through subscription, our members have access to limited edition commissioned detachable pieces by guest artists (adding to their collectable nature and value) the proceeds of which will benefit sustainable education awareness programs around the world… one step toward a global social makeover. We’ve partnered with the Vermont Organic Fiber Company and Brown Sheep Yarn (Nebraska) for certified organic new materials, as well as taking sustainable deadstock off the hands of Patagonia (California) and Harmony Art (California) and finding ways to upcycle it into our collection. Scrap metal has also been shaped into our garments, as well as plans to develop the metal into new sustainable fabrics. All materials, processes, and production have been carefully sourced in the USA.