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Break the Winter Break: Five Indoor Activities in the Bay Area

Dreary skies, high winds and rainfall have not been the friendliest companions for students this winter. With the Bay Area natural landmarks and outdoor opportunities currently a “no-go”, it may seem hard to make the most of the remainder of the break. Here are some silver linings that we found scattered around the city. Check out these fun and budget-friendly indoor activities to break your “winter break blues.”

Dogpatch Boulders
Cost: $20

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The country’s largest indoor bouldering gym, Dogpatch Boulders, is an afternoon of physical fun and entertainment. The rope-free rock climbing gym is a giant indoor playground for all ages (including the child inside us all). With 300+ climbing plans, you’ll find yourself defying gravity in no time. Who knows, maybe your next big idea will find you at 17 feet high off the padded ground!

PanIQ Room
Cost: $20

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We are no strangers to pressure and deadlines. However, you better brace yourself for this! PanIQ Room is an escape role play game with a wild storyline wherein you and your friends are key players. You have to solve puzzles and decode messages before your time is up. It’s a great spot for groups ready to test their friendships with insane twists and problem-solving. Perhaps, this could help you get out of any creative pickle down the line!

Cost: $19

Sunday Ping Pong Session. #pingpong #sf

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This Ping-Pong lounge brings the art of the iconic game to San Francisco. Located on Folsom, the mastery of the ancient sport is celebrated with some awesome street art. SPiN is a good vibes party zone for folks from all walks of life just as the game itself is. No matter who you are, we can all enjoy a good game of table tennis and get down to good vibes by great DJ Nile an DJ Slick D on Saturdays. Go get your partnership and teamwork skills up to another level.

Urban Putt
Cost: $12

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A nice alternative to daytime or nightlife plans, this Inner Mission hangout is one of a kind. The mini-golf center is the first and only in the city. Moreover, it’s got a stellar reputation for good food, better drinks, and best game courses. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy with your visiting family during the day or venture out with a few best friends (21+ only) after dark. It’s a swing and no-miss idea!

Clueless Movie Party
When: 7pm, January 31
Cost: $16

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Clueless. If you are into pop culture and fashion (of course, you are!) then you know this film is not just any other movie. The 1995 cult classic has sparked trends and catchphrases that have endure 20 years later. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s New Mission Theatre will celebrate Clueless with a special screening on January 31 complete with a menu of food and drinks perfect for binge-watching and arguing about your favorite moments. Yes, please!

Text by Isabella Urbina, BA Fashion Journalism.