Alumni Profile: Ligan goes for Lacroix

Name: Christine Ligan De Carvalho (and no, that’s not her in the pictures below).

Graduation year: 2006

Major: BFA Fashion and Textile Design

Parlez-Vous Français? Christine studied at Studio Berçot through the Sister City Scholarship Exchange Program during her junior year and was the grand prize winner in the Concours International de Dessins Dentelles et Broideries.

Other accolades? She won the 2005 Grand Prix Gagner Pour Dentelle Mode. The competition was held among 26 fashion design schools throughout France and Belgium. Christine’s award included two thousand Euros and a weeklong internship with D.M.C. Group. She also interned with French designer Delphine Murat. So answering the previous question, yes, she does “parlez-vous Français.”

Some of Christine’s work while she was at Galliano (if you’re wondering, it’s from his Fall 2007 RTW collection)

Ya gotta love Galliano: After graduating, Christine landed an internship with John Galliano. (ain’t that cool?) Her designs ended up on the runway in his Paris show (ain’t that even cooler?!). She feels her experience was not only amazing but also occurred during a historically pivotal moment for Galliano as she was there when Steven Robinson died.

A finer look at textiles by Ligan:

It’s so cool to be “artless”: Christine also designed the debut collection for a company called Artless. As the first collection has been a huge commercial success in France, Spain and England, they have asked her to design the second collection.

Where is she now? She is working at Christian Lacroix in Paris (hence the title of this post).