Alexandre Herchcovitch S/S 2016 (São Paulo)

If it weren’t for Alexandre Herchcovitch’s Spring Summer 2016 collection at São Paulo this year, the image of Brazil in my head as an exotic destination where balmy, tropical dreams come true would not have changed. This show made me realize that Brazilian fashion is so much more than what meets the eye- luxury swimwear or bikinis with plant motifs are only the start of the story. Alexandre definitely knows how to balance his Brazilian sensibility with global perspectives on style; the collection wasn’t too botanical and set the tone for sensual, sultry feminine dressing for a soiree on the beach or poolside.


Overall, the collection included swimwear (one and two-piece), skivvy ensembles, baroque strapless dresses with sheer cutouts, wrap-around fur coats and a few button-down coats. An array of romantic colors like pastel green, camel brown, sea blue and romantic blue were presented alongside contrasting hues like gold, scarlet, glistening black, navy blue and a vivid deep purple. Alexandre’s mastery with materials shone through when diverse fabrics like organza, silk, wool, cashmere, and cotton came in. Asymmetric hemlines and strappy sandals were a part of every outfit. Nearly every piece was cinched at the waist through satin and silk belts that were consistent in widths and rounded off with perfectly sculpted collars, all of which substantiated Alexandre’s expertise with avant-garde tailoring.


Alexandre convinced me that there could never be a new black. Two stunning looks combined black and shimmer; sheer organza fabric was incorporated through sleeves and the neckline. The shimmer adds an element of sophistication to the look while the sheer adds a bold layering effect. Severely pulled-back hair, a simple yet playful silhouette and minimal accessories produced a dual effect of refinement and exuberance.

Image: (Google Image Search)

The showstopping outfit, in my opinion, was this skivvy-inspired one piece that juxtaposed elegance and beachwear. One of many pieces that was cinched at the waist, this piece has a gentle hint of peplum waist. A metallic-sheened sky blue combined with what looked like a duchesse satin fabric made the outfit seem ethereal.


Written by Namrata R. Loka, MFA Fashion Journalism

Namrata Loka is currently a student in FSH 617 Intro to Fashion Journalism class.