Alexander McQueen goes LIVE!

It seems as though Alexander McQueen (a past guest and honoree of the School of Fashion) isn’t shying away from this whole fashion-meets-web phenomenon. First off, he has a place in the Twitter universe (I refuse to use the term, ‘Twitterverse’). Secondly, he (or someone who works for the house) announced on said Twitter account that they have partnered with the popular fashion website, to stream his S/S 2010 show live from Paris at 8:15 p.m. (Parisian time, of course) on Oct. 6.


“My shows have always been a big part of my work, what has taken me three months to develop is shown in just 15 minutes to a very small audience,” said McQueen in a statement. “I wanted to create a sense of inclusion for all those in the world who are interested in my work and the world of Fashion. This is just the first step towards revolutionising the ‘show system’ as we know it.”

The online show is the perfect case of fashion embracing the world of digital marketing – not to mention social media.

If you want to sit by your computer and anxiously await for McQueen’s show until Oct. 6, you can access it at And for all of you Twitter folks, you can follow Mr. McQueen at