2006 New York Fashion Week Young Jun Ryu and Laurie Browne Collaborative Collection

Photos by Randy Brooke.

L’Oreal campaign model Cintia Dicker opened the show with a dress by fashion designer Laurie Browne and textile designer Young Jun Ryu. Young’s inspiration for the fabric came from an old folding screen. He broke down the images and redesigned them into contemporary prints. Laurie took inspiration from the exaggerated proportions of European expressionist painter Egon Schiele and Balenciaga’s design structure and volume of the 60s. SFLuxe.com picked up on the inspiration and wrote that Laurie “has softened and feminised the strict Balenciaga style in a way we have not seen before.” ZooZoom.com exclaimed “Laurie Browne was the clairvoyant of the group, whose baby doll dress with bubble skirt bottom had dozens of cousins on the catwalks.”