Julie Seltzer Awarded First Prize in the Stylesigh...

Julie Seltzer Awarded First Prize in the Stylesight Competition

Our amazingly talented Textile Design students always impress judges with their entries for Stylesight’s Prints and Graphics Contest – and this season was no exception! Julie Seltzer, BFA Textile Design, was awarded first prize in the Stylesight Fall/Winter ’13 Competition.

Her rich Russian/Eastern European heritage inspired her collection for Stylesight’s F/W 13 Outré Megatrend. Julie’s deepest passion is for art and design, and she believes that there is potential for creativity in every aspect of life.

Julie also participated in a project for BCBG earlier this semester, and was awarded an internship for her amazing work. Congratulations Julie!

Follow the jump to see the prints Julie designed for the BCBG project!