Iris Van Herpen Has the ‘Craziest Couture Sh...

Iris Van Herpen Has the ‘Craziest Couture Show’

Last week, The Huffington Post gave Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen the title of “Craziest Couture Show.” Using a wide array of unconventional material, each model donned looks of alien armor, skeletal dresses and menacing spikes.

One person may call it crazy, others may call it brilliant — you make the call.

Nonetheless, the post also featured a “softer” outfit that Gladys Perint Palmer drew for her Tumblr blog and for Fashion School Daily:

Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen


Side note: in the front row, you can spot a tattooed hair gentleman by the name of Francois Sagat: a gay porn star who is now an artist and fashion icon.

Nonetheless, what are your thoughts on Iris Van Herpen’s collection (more images can be seen via the link below)?

[Source: Huffington Post