‘The Day Before’ with our Special Gues...

‘The Day Before’ with our Special Guest Nathalie Rykiel

Nathalie Rykiel will join Cathy Horyn in tomorrow’s discussion moderated by Gladys Perint Palmer, so to get a little more insight on Nathalie, check out the video clips below — one is a spotlight on her in a series by Loic Prigent on the Sundance Channel called, “The Day Before;” a docu-series that follows designers around for 24 hours before a big show. The clip below is in French, but you’ll fully understand the idea:

Le jour d'avant – défilé Sonia Rykiel – 1 6 by sultanova

And remember when Nathalie did a collaboration with H&M for that lingerie line? Here’s a video of that grandiose, fantastical fashion show:

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